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Become a member of our next Commercial Drivers License Training Class. Positions are filling quickly. Additional positions are currently available in classes scheduled throughout the upcoming year. Contact SDI for more information about our CDL Training Program call 931-381-5900.

Provide you with superior training which, in just 4 weeks, will qualify you for a career as a professional truck driver.

Today the trucking industry in the United States has an immediate need for thousands of new, qualified truck drivers to fill vacancies and shortages in this quickly expanding industry.  In a study by the American Trucking Association, ATA, it was reported that there was an estimated shortage of 20,000 truck drivers and it was also forecast that this shortage could grow to 111,000 drivers by 2014.  The report also indicated that the trucking industry will need around 54,000 drivers each year to handle growth and to replace retiring experienced drivers. In a more recent study, it was estimated that experienced drivers are now retiring at a rate of approximately 6,000 per month.

Additionally, the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U. S. Department of Labor reports that truck driving has among the largest number of job openings each year.  Despite layoffs being prevalent in other industries, the demand for qualified, trained professional truck drivers remains critical.  There should be almost no limit to the future hiring needs of trucking companies. 

National news media reports that there is presently a national shortage of over 30,000 truck drivers

If you are seeking a career that offers good wages, security and benefits, SDI is your truck driver training school to obtain your CDL Class 'A' Driver Training which will qualify you for placement in the trucking industry. The choice is yours...

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SDI is committed to providing you with in-depth, comprehensive training and marketable skills by experienced instructors.  Our Driver Training Program consists of 60 hours of classroom instruction, 50 hours of driver skills training, and 50 hours of road training, for a total of 160 hours during 4 weeks.  This professional course will provide you the opportunity to join the transportation industry as a commercial truck driver upon your successful graduation from our facility.

Our goal for you as a graduate of Superior Drivers Institute is for you to get a commercial truck driver's job. We work with many commercial trucking companies who hire newly licensed graduates directly from our school. At our SDI facility, we have an online computer program which allows you to directly apply with these commercial trucking companies for your new truck driving position.

After you have identified one of these companies that you want to work for, we will provide them with your course transcripts and your SDI graduation certification. We will do everything we can to help you get your truck driver job.

Our instructors will provide information, options, and guidance about many of these trucking companies to assist you in choosing the right company for you.

While you are in our nineteen day school, representatives of various leading trucking companies may conduct on-site recruiting and may offer you a job, if you meet their qualifications after your graduation from Superior Drivers Institute.  Many of these companies also have programs which will reimburse you for your driver training tuition costs.

Financing Available.  For those who qualify, presently there is grant money available for residents of Tennessee.  These grants do not have to be paid back. For credit approved applicants, tuition loans should be available from your local financial institutions.

The potential for your new career awaits.  The opportunities exist.  The next step is for you to contact us at SDI to schedule your training.

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